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Michael Haller / Writer

Published work

“The Madman and the Flower Girl,” flash fiction, Five on the Fifth, July 2021

“Owen Felts,” short story, Across the Margin, 10/10/2021

“Joe-Dog,” short story, X-R-A-Y Literary Magazine, 11/12/2021

“Three Flash Stories,” flash fiction, X-R-A-Y Literary Magazine, 11/19/2021

“Lady Neighbor,” (NSFW), short story, Maudlin House, 12/2/2021

“Tour Jets,” flash fiction, Maudlin House, 2/14/2022

“26 Kids,” short story, Maudlin House, 4/21/2022

Revival,” play, Blue as an Orange, 8/14/2022

The Moose and the Goose,” children’s poem, Buzgaga, 9/2/2022

Purple Orchids,” poem, BULLSHIT LIT, 9/15/2022

Work,” flash fiction, JAKE, 9/15/2022

Turdleman’s Revenge,” poem, Bear Creek Gazette, 10/10/2022

Two Poems,” Five Fleas, 10/22/2022

“Critique,” flash fiction, Chill Subs, 11/15/22

Subject/Object Is-Ness,” poem, FATHERFATHER, 12/1/2022

The Happy Prince,” short story, Figwort Literary Journal, 12/17/2022

The FGM,” short story, Maudlin House, 3/28/23

Contact: slipkid4261@gmail.com @MichaelGerardMH